Whether be it your house or office, we make sure the work is done to your interest and needs. With efficient good quality materials at every step. Providing proper strength and base at the best money saving manner. We follow the most modern methods like usage of Gypsum plastering instead of traditional cement plastering and security measures are among the best.

Gypsum Plastering.

Gypsum is well known for its property of being able to mix with any other material like bricks, concrete blocks, interlock bricks, ceiling and many others to form Plaster. When compared to cement, Gypsum plastering sets much faster that we can all together skip the step of wetting the walls after plastering. Ones the walls are well plastered and evened, you can consider painting without worries. In case you are considering to go with the white colour, the job becomes much easier and prettier 

colorful gypsum ceiling and wall design with ambient lighting


Time Efficient Work

50-80% Heat Absorption


Energy Conservation

Pest Controlling Property

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