Security is one among our important mottos. As much as the whole construction, security measures are dealt with much needed importance. Diversifying from CCTV, we provide Bio metric system and Door intercom with wireless video as needed. Another attractive resolve is the idea of Smart Home through Home Automation. Called the Internet of Things, it provides seamless control over all aspect of our home through your usual handy devices. Basically, the latest of the technologies will be in your hands.

CCTV Cameras

Technology is our friend in need. CCTV is one such technology that is being used over a few years now. Thanks to reduced costs in the manufacture of cameras and video recording equipments, camera systems are becoming more and more commonplace in smaller
businesses, and even private homes. You will have an idea about what is happening at your place when you not around. This is the first basic step that we are taking to ensure your security.

Bio-Metric Systems

Biometric system is to further empower the security system. In last few years this innovation has tricked down to consumer level. And here we pick this up. Biometric locks eliminate the need for a key and operate with the touch of a finger. It becomes the control to the entire access at home. Biometric delineate the cutting edge of home security technology.

Video Door Phone

Video door phone not only helps you to open the door. It also melds with your home security system to further enhance home monitoring easier than ever. With 2-way audio communications and video conferencing facilities, you will have the opportunity to see who’s waiting outside. Home means comfort, our service will help you to accomplish that feeling with ease. We make your house, a home.

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